Studying Egyptology #3 – European undergraduate courses #2

In her third installment of “Studying Egyptology”, Gemma looks at some more European universities that offer degree programmes in Egyptology and/or Egyptian archaeology. The countries featured this week are France, Germany, Hungary, and Italy.

Check out Gemma’s blog, The Egyptiana Emporium, for more fantastic articles on ancient Egyptian history, art and culture.

The Egyptiana Emporium

This week’s installment focusses on the undergraduate courses that are available in France, Germany, Hungary, and Italy.


The Institut de Papyrologie et d’Egyptologie at the Université Charles-de-Gaulle offers the DUFL (University Diploma in Language Training) in Egyptian hieroglyphic. It is a three year course which prepares the student for a masters or a PhD. The first two years of the degree focus on the learning of the classic Egyptian hieroglyphic script, while the third year focuses on the hieratic script with the option to learn the Ptolemaic phase of the language.

Language: French.

In a nutshell: perfect for French-speakers wishing to specialise in the languages from the outset. 

The Institut d’Egyptologie V. Loret of the Université Lyon 2 offers the University Diploma of Specialized Studies in Egyptology. This is a four year course which covers all aspects of the history, archaeology, and language of ancient Egypt.

Language: French.

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