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Building Bridges to the Past (China Daily HK)

The ancient walled city of  Nantou (南头) in Shenzhen’s (深圳) Nanshan District (南山区) will be given a  multi-billion yuan facelift in order to boost social and cultural ties with nearby Hong Kong (香港).

Bell Tolls for Beijing’s Drum Tower Houses (ChannelNewsAsia)

Hundreds of centuries-old siheyuan (四合院) courtyard houses around Beijing’s Drum and Bell Towers (鼓楼 and 钟楼) are to be demolished in what the local government claims is “an effort to preserve Beijing’s historical legacy”.

Ethnic Shui Horsetail Embroidery (Xinhua)

A collection of photos of ethnic Shui (水族) craftswomen in Guizhou Province (贵州省) demonstrating their skills in traditional horse-tail embroidery (马尾绣).

Hominins Already Inhabited the Three Gorges Region of South China in Pleistocene (

Surveys and excavations conducted in the Three Gorges (三峡) region of China suggest that hominins may have inhabited the region as early as the Early Pleistocene.

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