The International Journal of Intangible Heritage – For anyone who is studying (or interested in) intangible cultural heritage, museum studies or linguistics.

China Heritage Watch

A good resource for those of you who are studying intangible cultural heritage and/or cultural heritage management is the International Journal of Intangible Heritage. This open-access journal, which is available in English and Korean, is a refereed academic journal that was launched by the National Folk Museum of Korea in 2006 and is “dedicated to the promotion of the understanding of all aspects of intangible heritage in the world”.

Admittedly, there are very few papers that focus on Chinese cultural heritage but readers will be able to find dozens of papers on the preservation and interpretation of cultural heritage, museum studies and heritage education as well as papers on the living heritage of other countries and cultures. All papers are available in PDF format and are free to download.

Here are two papers that may interest Sinologists and/or linguists:

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